Finalized requests for clarification on application of approved methodological tools

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There are 50 finalized requests for clarification of approved methodological tools in this category

Reference Request for clarification Current Status Last update
CLA_TOOL_0050 Clarification on the source of data for the calculation of the default values for Cost of Equity in “TOOL27: Investment Analysis” v 13.0 EB link added 26 Mar 24
CLA_TOOL_0049 Interpretation of ‘Nall’ in Step 3 of CDM Tool 24 on Common practice EB link added 03 Nov 23
CLA_TOOL_0048 Clarification on segregating power plants by energy source applying the common practice analysis EB link added 28 Sep 23
CLA_TOOL_0047 Clarification on applicability of “TOOL32: Positive lists of technologies” for solar water pumps used for irrigation purpose EB link added 14 Dec 22
CLA_TOOL_0046 Clarification on the requirements of data currentness under TOOL31 EB link added 12 Jan 22
CLA_TOOL_0045 Clarification on Definition of ‘Communities’ in Tool 19, version 09.0 EB link added 14 Sep 21
CLA_TOOL_0044 Clarification regarding application of step 4 of the Common practice tool EB link added 01 Jun 21
CLA_TOOL_0043 Clarification on the choice of fuel type under the TOOL03 EB link added 18 Feb 21
CLA_TOOL_0042 Clarification on calculation of Net Annual Increment using growing stock values in TOOL30 EB link added 21 Dec 20
CLA_TOOL_0041 Clarification on inclusion of energy efficient cookstoves under Type III for automatic additionality EB link added 06 Oct 20
CLA_TOOL_0040 Clarification on automatic additionality of independent sub-systems (less than 1% of methodology threshold) projects / CPAs EB link added 18 Aug 20
CLA_TOOL_0039 Clarification on the MAI value for other wooded land areas and the change of the fNRB value used in included CPAs under TOOL30 EB link added 18 Aug 20
CLA_TOOL_0038 Clarification on MAI values under TOOL30 EB link added 14 Aug 20
CLA_TOOL_0037 Clarification on the use of MAI values from national reports EB link added 15 Jun 20
CLA_TOOL_0036 Clarification on the method to calculate Mean Annual Increment of forest areas and other wooded land areas EB link added 15 Jun 20
CLA_TOOL_0035 Clarification on the determination of total household wood fuel consumption through official statistics EB link added 15 Jun 20
CLA_TOOL_0034 Clarification on the use of fNRB value developed by a third party and confirmed by the DNA EB link added 15 Jun 20
CLA_TOOL_0033 Clarification on the calculation of fNRB value when the geographical boundary of a PoA is the whole country EB link added 15 Jun 20
CLA_TOOL_0032 To consider “top 20%” for determination of standardized baseline in buildings EB link added 02 Dec 19
CLA_TOOL_0031 To determine standardized baseline in buildings EB link added 21 Aug 19
CLA_TOOL_0030 Calculation of fraction on non-renewable biomass EB link added 02 Dec 19
CLA_TOOL_0029 Clarification on the total annual consumption of wood in the absence of the project activity (H) and non-accessible areas (P) EB link added 19 Jun 19
CLA_TOOL_0028 Is it OK to change the option taken for EFom at renewal of crediting period? Request withdrawn 30 Jan 20
CLA_TOOL_0027 Clarification on the application of the default value for the decay rate for the waste type j (kj) in Tool04 for Qatar EB link added 05 Apr 19
CLA_TOOL_0026 Clarification on definition of microscale CDM units under Tool 19 EB link added 17 Jan 18
CLA_TOOL_0025 Clarification request for use of First order Decay model for monthly emission calculation as per “Tool to determine methane emissions avoided from dumping waste at a solid waste disposal site” (Annex 14 EB 26) EB link added 17 Jan 17
CLA_TOOL_0024 Request for clarification on the response received from Meth Panel for CLA _TOOL_0019 EB link added 02 Dec 14
CLA_TOOL_0023 Clarification on determining share of low-cost must run resources using long term averages for hydro electricity production for Simple OM calculations using tool EB link added 02 Dec 14
CLA_TOOL_0022 Does the dispatch data analysis OM necessarily demand hourly monitoring EB link added 19 Jan 18
CLA_TOOL_0021 Request for clarification on thermocouple type as per Methodological “Tool to determine project emissions from flaring gases containing methane EB link added 19 Jan 18
CLA_TOOL_0020 Clarification about the calibration penalty for flame EB link added 25 Feb 14
CLA_TOOL_0019 Guidance on application of investment comparison analysis and benchmark analysis based on identification of Alternative Scenarios to the WHRB based project activity EB link added 25 Feb 14
CLA_TOOL_0018 Clarification request for Tool to determine project emissions from flaring gases containing methane EB link added 28 Nov 12
CLA_TOOL_0017 Clarification for definition of term ‘output, comparable quality, properties’, all plants, similar project activities etc., in the context of common practice analysis assessment EB link added 28 Nov 12
CLA_TOOL_0016 Applicable conditions for `Tool to calculate project or leakage CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion (EB41, annex11, ver02)` EB link added 24 Jul 12
CLA_TOOL_0015 Clarification request on application of common practice analysis with Tool for the demonstration and assessment of additionality (version 6.0.0) EB link added 24 Jul 12
CLA_TOOL_0014 Validity of “Tool to calculate the emission factor for an electricity system”. EB link added 30 Nov 11
CLA_TOOL_0013 Common practice EB link added 30 Nov 11
CLA_TOOL_0012 Applicability of a shorter period for financial analysis EB link added 06 Jun 11
CLA_TOOL_0011 Request for clarification on Application of Barrier Due to Prevailing Practices, sub step 3 (a) (1) (c) of Annex 10, EB 39 EB link added 20 Apr 11
CLA_TOOL_0010 Clarification for the project implemented by other entity under a tendered Build, Own and Operate (BOO) Scheme AND the tender organizer/ promoter is the project participant and owns the CERs. EB link added 20 Apr 11
CLA_TOOL_0009 Request for clarification on determination of the parameter EF grid, OM-DD,y during the first verification process, when the monitoring period is shorter than the first year of project operation. EB link added 20 Apr 11
CLA_TOOL_0008 Determination and assessment of equity IRR benchmarks in the demonstration of financial additionality based on a representative sample of publicly listed companies EB link added 03 Feb 10
CLA_TOOL_0007 Request for clarification on the Determination of Benchmarks for the Demonstration and Assessment of Financial Additionality
CLA_TOOL_0006 Request for clarification regarding the applicability of the Tool in electricity systems where no new generation facilities were built in the previous 10 years
CLA_TOOL_0005 Applicability of MCF=0.28 (from AMS III.E v15) to tool
CLA_TOOL_0004 Measurement procedure for monitoring of FCi,j,y
CLA_TOOL_0003 Guidance on the correction of measures flow rate of the residual gas from wet basis to dry basis
CLA_TOOL_0002 Inclusion of other baseline alternatives than project activity without CDM in benchmark analysis and clarification on costs and revenues to be considered
CLA_TOOL_0001 Consideration of Empfy Fruit Bunches (EFB) as wood