Finalized requests for clarification on approved large scale methodologies

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Reference Request for clarification Current Status Last update
AM_CLA_0149 Use of small scale methodology for a "small scale" independent process component of a large scale project activity along with a large scale methodology
AM_CLA_0148 Capping of the total amount of adipic acid produced credited for emission reduction in year y (tonnes)
AM_CLA_0147 Clarification on definition of supply side energy efficieny and use of Scenario 11
AM_CLA_0146 Request for clarification of the applicability for a extraction-condensing turbine project
AM_CLA_0145 Clarification on the applicability and data requirement at the time of validation
AM_CLA_0144 Queries on application of AM0025 to projects using specific waste treatment technology w.r.t the issue of residual waste treatment, monitoring of anaerobic conditions and leakage from the digester
AM_CLA_0143 Definition and applicable extent of MSW among the organic wastes on AM0025 methodology
AM_CLA_0142 Guidance on the monitoring and recording of temperature, pressure and the fraction of methane in the landfill gas
AM_CLA_0141 Capping of Baseline Emission in Projects having components of Existing and New facility
AM_CLA_0140 Clarification on unit balance for Baseline Emission Factor
AM_CLA_0139 Clarification for the applicability of the scenario 12 of the methodology related to baseline units
AM_CLA_0138 Project specific query
AM_CLA_0137 Applicability of methodology AM0024 in cases where the project activity displaces both grid electricity and electricity from an identified power generation source
AM_CLA_0136 Clarification on the definition of Waste Energy described in ACM0012
AM_CLA_0135 Clarification on the term ‘Continuous measurement’ as stated for monitoring parameters m LPG,B,y and mCondensate,B,y
AM_CLA_0134 Request for clarification of a scenario applicability in ACM0006 for a retrofit biomass power generation plant
AM_CLA_0133 Thermal use of landfill in industrial processes
AM_CLA_0132 Additionality Steps in AM0023 & Additionality Tool
AM_CLA_0131 Monitoring of the fraction of biogas that leaks from the digester
AM_CLA_0130 Request for clarification on calculation of EGhistorical