Finalized requests for clarification on approved large scale methodologies

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Reference Request for clarification Current Status Last update
AM_CLA_0169 Clarification on applicabilty conditions of ACM0002 Version 10
AM_CLA_0168 Monitoring points for HGj,y in waste heat recovery projects that generate steam
AM_CLA_0167 Capping of baseline emission in waste heat recovery projects
AM_CLA_0166 Clarification on a portion of waste gas captured for heat generation prior to the implementation of the project activity
AM_CLA_0165 Clarification on the applicability of minimum percentage of co-firing fossil-fuels for retrofit boiler projects.
AM_CLA_0164 Clarification on the operating history applicability condition of AM0001, Version 5.2
AM_CLA_0163 Clarification on the meaning of “within the industrial facility”
AM_CLA_0162 Clarification regarding: (i) eligibility criteria, (ii) new entrants, (iii) criteria for assessing additionality, (iv) ATDmarket under Option B, (v) data to calculate market benchmark, (vi) data to calculate autonomous technical development factor, and (vii) meaning of “end user data” with reference to the “buyer”
AM_CLA_0161 Applicability of AM0048 to projects where steam form a new cogen unit is used by a customer to produce electrical energy, which is supplied to other users.
AM_CLA_0160 Definition of a reference plant in scenarios 4 and 18
AM_CLA_0159 Clarification on existing leak detection system, definition of leaks and emission reduction calculation
AM_CLA_0158 Approach on “investment analysis” for Greenfield power project investment in Singapore
AM_CLA_0157 Clarification regarding: (i) data to calculate market benchmark, (ii) use of aggregate market benchmark value provided by a national entity, (iii) meaning of “end user data” with reference to the “buyer” under monitoring.
AM_CLA_0156 Clarification requested to substantiate WECM would be released to atmosphere in absence of the project activity in new facility
AM_CLA_0155 Project specific formula used for emission reduction calculation instead of one given in approved consolidated methodology ACM0006 Ver. 4
AM_CLA_0154 Project activity that recovers associated gas from oil wells that would otherwise be flared or vented, processes it to CNG and delivers the CNG by means of CNG mobile units to Greenfield power plant (end-user)
AM_CLA_0153 Approach on “investment analysis” for Greenfield power project investment in Singapore
AM_CLA_0152 Clarification on the applicability for using RDF-RPF as boiler fuels and data requirement at the time of validation
AM_CLA_0151 Applicability of methodology for PoA and practical issues of RDF production and usage
AM_CLA_0150 Clarification regarding associated gas and use of previously flared gases as feed stock