Finalized requests for clarification on approved large scale methodologies

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Reference Request for clarification Current Status Last update
AM_CLA_0129 Guidance on continued applicability of methodologies in relation to changes in project plans for a registered project
AM_CLA_0128 Clarifications regarding the project emissions
AM_CLA_0127 Clarification request on project scheme, methane emissions, error in units of variables in equation 5, and gas lift system
AM_CLA_0126 Waste heat recovery projects that generate steam and have no condensate return
AM_CLA_0125 Request for clarification regarding requirement to conduct investment comparison analysis to demonstrate additionality
AM_CLA_0124 AM0036 - “Fuel switch from fossil fuels to biomass residues in boilers for heat generation”
AM_CLA_0123 Clarification between the baseline and monitoring methodology for parameter FCH4of AM0023 version 2
AM_CLA_0122 Calculation of the effluent flow from an activated sludge plant based on influent flow and sludge flow measurements
AM_CLA_0121 Request for clarification of a scenario applicability in ACM0006 for a retrofit biomass power generation plant
AM_CLA_0120 Application of the “Combined tool to identify the baseline scenario and demonstrate additionality” for a project activity where one of the alternatives is not an available option to the project participants
AM_CLA_0119 Clarifications on the scope of AM0009 in its stated purpose for the “recovery and utilization of gas from oil wells that would otherwise be flared”.
AM_CLA_0118 Clarifications on the algorithms of project emission calculations and on the guidance for uncertainty assessment within the monitoring methodology
AM_CLA_0117 Clarification on monitoring in the case of a biodiesel "grid"
AM_CLA_0116 Further clarification on AM_ CLA_ 0092 – Alternatives for the correction of measured flow rate of the residual gas from wet basis to dry basis
AM_CLA_0115 Clarification regarding associated gas and the use of the previ-ously flared gas as feedstock
AM_CLA_0114 Applicability to projects where a dam is built for irrigation and thus not a result of a CDM project activity
AM_CLA_0113 Technologies for “Flameless VAM Oxidation with or without the use of a catalyst”
AM_CLA_0112 Switching of alternative stream of gas to replace flare gas in a refinery on a GJ for GJ basis.
AM_CLA_0111 Clarification on the necessity of a Data Integrity factor when calculating baseline SF6 consumption based on the IPCC default value.
AM_CLA_0110 Clarification on increase in the production capacity during the crediting year