Finalized requests for clarification on approved large scale A/R methodologies

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Reference Request for clarification Current Status Last update
AR_AM_CLA_0020 Clarifications on: 1) A/R rate in the baseline under AR-ACM0003; 2) Estimation of carbon stocks at the start of the A/R CDM project activity (CTREE_BSL); 3) Application EB50 Annex23 EB link added 17 May 17
AR_AM_CLA_0019 General guidance on cases where the uncertainty in estimation of carbon stocks exceeds allowable maximum uncertainty EB link added 17 May 17
AR_AM_CLA_0018 Inclusion of other AR-Methodologies to EB 63 Annex 26 EB link added 24 Jul 12
AR_AM_CLA_0017 Request for clarification in respect to the combining of large and small scale methodologies within an A/R Programme of Activities (PoA) EB link added 24 Jul 12
AR_AM_CLA_0016 Parameters of older methodologies and project emissions Final Response published 17 Oct 11
AR_AM_CLA_0015 Use of different predictors in allometric equations than the dbh. Final Response published 07 Sep 11
AR_AM_CLA_0014 Changes in the project boundary due to partially implementation of the forest areas as planned in the registered PDD Final Response published 17 May 11
AR_AM_CLA_0013 Consideration of changes in an A/R project as part of the implementation of monitoring plan Final Response published 17 May 11
AR_AM_CLA_0012 Applicability ofthe "Guidelines for the assessment for Investment Analysis" for AR-CDM project Final Response published 30 Jun 10
AR_AM_CLA_0011 Submission of a PDD for registration with a valid version of an approved methodology listed above, for which the Global Stakeholder Process (GSP) was started with a later version of the methodology Final Response published 30 Jun 10
AR_AM_CLA_0010 Conservative reduction of the required precision levels of GHG removals at monitoring and verification by reducing the mean carbon density Final Response published 30 Jun 10
AR_AM_CLA_0009 Ex post estimation of soil organic carbon
AR_AM_CLA_0008 Methane emissions of biomass removed during the site preparation and burned outside the project boundary
AR_AM_CLA_0007 Applicability for afforestation projects under AR-AM0001 ver.2
AR_AM_CLA_0006 Consideration of herbaceous vegetation in baseline stocks
AR_AM_CLA_0005 Project Boundary of CDM A/R Projects
AR_AM_CLA_0004 Reporting Project Boundary and Plot Geometrics
AR_AM_CLA_0003 Palms and Bamboo and national forest threshold
AR_AM_CLA_0002 AR-CDM verifications per commitment period
AR_AM_CLA_0001 Candidate areas and boundary definition