Renewal of PoA period cases

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6573 Caixa Econômica Federal Solid Waste Management and Carbon Finance Project KBS_Cert
7864 Recovery and Avoidance of Methane from Industrial Wastewater Treatment Projects ESPL 24 Feb 20
6864 Fuel Efficient Stoves in Zambia ESPL
8855 Solar Water Heater Program in India 4KEarth
6810 Vietnam Renewable Energy Development Program (REDP) AENOR

Published (3)
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6161 Renewable Energy PoA in India ESPL 21 Feb 20
9247 Programme of Activities to introduce renewable energy system into collective housing, Republic of Korea Korean Standards Association 19 Feb 20
8655 Ecoener Small Hydro Programme of Activities AENOR 25 Feb 20

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