Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
The DOE is requested to include information on how it has validated the input values to the financial calculations as per VVM v 1.2 paragraph 114 (a).
1. The DOE shall report how it has validated the calorific value of Coal, IDO and Rice husk and the cost of main burner of Kiln 2 and 3 as per the breakup of capital expenditure given in Annex 3 of the validation report.
2. The DOE shall validate the per ton cost of coal and IDO for scenario 2 (all 3 kilns).
3. The DOE shall clarify the mismatch in the total cost of kiln 2 and 3 (9,788 million IDR) reported in the validation report with the sum of individual kiln cost of 4,744 million IDR each as mentioned in the PDD and financial calculation spreadsheet.
4. The DOE is requested to clarify the suitability of rice husk price for scenario 1 and scenario 2 which is based on packaging cost and the transportation cost assuming 50 KM and 75 KM radius as the biomass procurement region.