Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: The DOE is requested to describe all the assumptions/ data/references listed in the PDD for the baseline identification as per VVM v1.2 paragraph 87 (a).
The DOE is requested to provide further information on the identification of the baseline alternatives and their elimination;
(a) Scenarios eliminated due to existing national regulations (Flaring of CMM with methane concentration below 30%) should be supported by credible evidence of the methane concentration found in all the coal mines and include the values from the reports validated by the DOE.
b) Scenarios eliminated due to technical barriers (supply to gas pipelines, CMM used directly at coal mine, CMM combusted in gas boilers to produce thermal energy) should be supported by credible evidences including the interpretations of the evidence and how it demonstrates the existence and significance of the identified barrier. Please note that barriers that can be mitigated by additional financial means can be quantified and represented as costs and should not be identified as a barrier for implementation of project while conducting the barrier analysis, but rather should be considered in the framework of investment analysis (EB 50 Annex 13 paragraph 7).

2: The DOE is requested to include information on how it has validated the input values to the financial calculations as per VVM v 1.2 paragraph 114 (a).
The DOE is requested to provide further information on the scope and technology type of similar registered projects in Shanxi that were used to validate the suitability of net annual power supply, total investment and O&M cost, and how they are considered comparable to the project activity in terms of the operation hours, investment per unit and ratio of O&M costs to total static investment, respectively.