Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: The DOE is requested to state if the baseline methodology is correctly applied to calculate project/baseline emissions, leakage and emission reductions as per VVM v1.2 paragraph 92(d).
The DOE should provide a validation opinion on how paragraph 5 of AM0009, version 04, part III has been complied with, considering that it was not confirmed that the estimated emission reductions are based on estimates provided in the survey used for defining the terms of the underlying oil production project as per the production sharing contract.

2: The DOE is requested to include information on how it has validated the input values to the financial calculations as per VVM v 1.2 paragraph 114 (a).
In particular, 1) the capital expenditure considering the detailed information about similar CDM projects used to crosscheck the input value was not provided, and the DOE has not explained why the investment cost of projects from other countries are considered appropriate data used to crosscheck the project activity; 2) gas price considering it is not clear when the data source (gas purchase agreement) was available; 3) liquid price considering the DOE has not explained why the input value has been changed from 55 USD/barrel as listed in the GSC PDD to 45 USD/barrel in the final PDD; 4) the gas/liquid volume considering it is not clear how the estimated value was crosschecked.

3: The DOE is requested to report how it has validated common practice analysis as per VVM v 1.2 paragraph 121.
In doing so, the DOE shall provide a further validation opinion on how CAR14 (e) was considered closed.