Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: The PoA-DD (page 62, eligibility criteria 3) states that CME will check conditions to ensure that each ICS under CPAs meets the criteria of microscale CDM unit as defined by the Methodological tool: “Demonstration of additionality of microscale project activities”; version 09.0”. However, the version 09.0 of the Tool (paragraph 12(a) and 12(b)(i) along with footnote 15) has provided conditions to be satisfied (i.e. energy efficiency units shall either be in an LDC/SIDS or SUZ of the host country; or the penetration (i.e. the market saturation) of the proposed technology shall be equal to or less than 5 per cent of the technologies/measures (providing similar services)) for the activity to be automatic additional. The CME/DOE shall provide information, for each country, on how the above conditions will be satisfied and demonstration of the penetration rate (if paragraph 12 (b)(i) is applicable) for inclusion of future CPAs. Please take into account that Ghana, Nigeria and Zimbabwe do not satisfy the condition under paragraph 12(a).

2: The PoA framework aims to displace baseline wood or charcoal stoves with energy efficient wood or charcoal stoves. It is observed that some households may switch from baseline device using firewood to efficient project device using charcoal. The CME/DOE shall provide information to clarify exclusion of leakage effects due to charcoal production and consumption (please refer to AMS-II.G. ver. 11 paragraphs 40 and 41).

3: The PoA-DD (page 2 and footnote 1) indicates that the PoA will replace the baseline wood and charcoal stoves with fuel-efficient cook stoves. However, the verification report (page 2) shows only replacement of wood stoves with fuel-efficient cook stoves. The DOE shall address this inconsistency.