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The DOE/CME are requested to further substantiate the determination of the following ex-ante parameters:


The input values applied for Bold,hh calculation; in particular, household fuelwood consumption, density of fuelwood, Zambia population, etc. (Appendix 4 of the PoA-DD). In doing so, please clarify why reports dated from 2015 and 2016 have been used considering that: a) the starting date of the second crediting period is in 2020 and that a survey at registration stage was carried out prior 2013, and b) Bold,hh value has increased from 4.1 (at the time of registration) to 6.37 t/hh (as per this renewal request). In doing so, please refer to the requirement as outlined under paragraphs 23 (a) and (b) of “General guidelines for SSC CDM methodologies”, version 23 and confirm the compliance of these requirements while determining Bold,hh.


How the revised value of 0.89 has been calculated as per Tool 30 “Calculation of the fraction of non-renewable biomass”, version 2. In doing so, the DOE is requested to provide a validation opinion of each of the key parameters used for its estimation.
PoA-DD page 44 refers to a report and excel calculations sheet supplied by an independent consultant, C4 EcoSolutions Ltd., which calculated the revised fNRB value of 0.89. Please include the calculations sheet when submitting this response.