Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
As per the CDM validation and verification standard for programmes of activities Version 02.0, paragraph 390 referring to paragraph 177, the DOE shall report the assessment findings.
On page 6 of validation report reads:
"since the emission reduction estimated is less than 100,000 tCO2eq , assessment team didn’t conducted site visit for 2nd renewal of registered POA (UNFCCC reference number: 9292"

On page 17 of the validation report reads:
"During the on-site assessment, the validation team interviewed the
CME/PP and confirmed that the monitoring arrangements described in the monitoring plan are feasible ... "

The above two statements about on-site visit are contradictory.

On p. 2:
"The validation is not meant to provide any consulting towards the CME or project participants. However, stated requests for clarifications and/or corrective actions may have provided input for improvement of the project design document."

Here the term “project design document” is used. Everywhere else the correct term PoA-DD is used. Correct terminology should be used through the document.