Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: The DOE is requested to explain how it validated the eligibility criteria for inclusion as per paragraph 284 of PS-PoA which requires the update the sections of the PoA-DD, including its generic CPA-DD part, relating to the eligibility criteria for inclusion of CPAs in the PoA. It is observed that to demonstrate additionality of the CPA: (i) The PoA refers to EB 68 Annex 27 “Guidelines on the Demonstration of Additionality for Small-Scale Project Activities” version 09.0, which is not valid anymore; (ii) The PoA does not use any valid tool to demonstrate additionality (e.g. Tool 19: Demonstration of additionality of microscale project activities). Refer to paragraph 378 of VVS-PoA.

2: The DOE is requested to explain how it validated the following parameters not monitored:
(a) Bold,HH: The PoA-DD mentions that the details of the survey can be found in baseline survey report being submitted along with PoA-DD. However, there is no baseline survey report submitted with the PoA-DD;
(b) fNRB,y: It is not evident that the calculation follows equation (4) or equation (5) of the tool 30 “Calculation of the fraction of non-renewable biomass” (version 02.0). Equation 4 or 5 requires the determination of average household wood fuel consumption, including fuelwood and charcoal in the country or region or in the project area (in t/HH/y). It is to be noted that the PoA has obtained this parameter through survey as parameter Bold,HH which value is 8.05 t/HH/y.
Refer to paragraph 382(b) of VVS-PoA and paragraph 113 of PS-PoA

3: Parameter By,savings,i,j will be determined using option 3 (WBT), and either through equation 7 or 8 of the applied methodology. However, it is not clear how using equation 8 is applicable for CPAs that have been included in the first PoA renewal period, considering such equation was not available under the first PoA renewal period. Refer to paragraph 382(b) of VVS-PoA.