Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
The PoA-DD (page 59) states that the parameter sampling frame will include ICS of different vintages (i.e. year of distribution). It is observed that (i) the stoves were distributed between 2018 and 2020; (ii) the Tab “WBT summary” has listed the stoves sampled for the sample monitoring of the thermal efficiency and other parameters and (iii) it is not clear how the DOE closed CL02 (i.e. random selection from the entire population ensured equal chance for each disseminated stove/vintage to get selected). The DOE shall provide further information on how it verified that samples listed under Tab “WBT summary” represent stoves from each vintage year 2018-2020 as per the PoA-DD considering that (i) Tab “WBT summary” does not indicate the CPA linked to the selected stove and (ii) Tab “CPA distribution summary” does not provide information on stove serial numbers linked to the selected stove.