Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: The CME/DOE shall provide information how it considered application of 365 days as appropriate for the calculation of the total quantity of water purified during the year y, considering that the CPA-DDs indicate that the quantity of purified water is based on the “average population serviced/system” while the systems do not service the population during periods when population (i.e. the students) are on holidays and the CPA-DDs for 9948-P1-0014 and 9948-P1-0015 provide 291.50 days/year which consider the school calendar.

2: The CPA-DDs indicate the monitoring frequency for the parameter “operational units” as “At least once per verification or biennially as per the monitoring requirements in the methodology”. The applied methodology (AMS-III.AV. ver. 04, paragraph 15) requires “at least once every two years (biennial)”. The DOE shall provide further information how it verified that the monitoring plan complies with the applied methodology.

3: The registered CPA-DDS requires that the water quality will be tested as per paragraph 2(b) of AMS III.AV ver. 4 (i.e. Laboratory test report and/or official notifications (e.g. from national authority on health)). However, the monitoring report shows that Aquagenx testing kits were used to determine the water quality. The DOE shall elaborate how it verified compliance of monitoring with the registered monitoring plan in the included CPA-DDs.

4: The DOE shall provide further information on how it has crosschecked the operation of the project activity and continuous availability of safe drinking water as per paragraph 304 (c) of VVS for PoA, considering that the monitoring method was based on survey questionnaire alone (e.g. the question “When was the last time, a supply of cartridges/tablets were received?”) and no information is provided regarding the crosschecking of the monitored data against other sources such as quantity of chlorine/No. of cartridges used during this monitoring period.