Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
The DOE confirmed that the calibration is valid for the instruments used in the monitoring. However, it is not clear how the DOE made such confirmation without providing the calibration date and calibration validity date. The DOE is requested to provide the date of the calibration and the validity of the calibration. Please refer to paragraph 350 of VVS-PoA (version 01.0).

Surveys/sampling were done to determine the operational rate of stoves distributed and to conduct Kitchen Performance Test (KPT). The monitoring report and verification report state that the required precision has been met. However in the absence information of the of the achieved precision (reliability), it is not clear how the DOE verified that that required precision has been met. The DOE is requested to provide the achieved precision (reliability) for the sampled parameters. Please refer to paragraph 346(b) of VVS-PoA (version 01.0), and also refer to appendix 4 of Guideline for Sampling and surveys for CDM project activities and programmes of activities (version 04.0) for examples of reliability calculation.

The monitoring report refers (page 9, C.3.2) to a post registration correction with approval date of 25 October 2018. However, the verification and certification reports do not validate this statement, refer to section E.3.2.2., as states that there is no such corrections. Please provide a DOE opinion.

The DOE is requested to clarify the reference to CL 12 as it is not shown in the verification report (see page 32, CAR 7).