Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: The DOE (VR page 35) and the emission reduction excel sheet indicate that simple random sampling was applied to calculate the sample size. However, in the case of the firewood cookstoves (i.e. kuniokoa) there are two sub-groups (Age group 0-1 and Age group 1-2) with reference to the CME’s response CL01 (i.e. sample size was determined based on representative of the age of appliances for both thermal efficiency and Ry,usage). The DOE shall provide information how it verified that simple random approach has provided parameter value estimates in an unbiased and reliable manner to achieve the required level of reliability (please refer to the Section 5 of the Guidelines: Sampling and surveys for CDM project activities and programmes of activities Version 04.0).

2: The verification report (page 28) indicates that monitoring was done by the CME by means of distribution database, visits and interviews. However, the emission reduction spreadsheet shows that the CME conducted web-based interviews with the end-users. The DOE shall clarify.