Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: PS-PoA ver. 02 paragraph 261: The monitoring report (page 12) and CPA3 ER sheet (workbook “data & parameter”, E24) indicates that 3,574 stoves were distributed and registered in the project database records. However, the spreadsheet on “survey database and WBT results” (cell C64) has applied 9,504 to calculate the sample size for the parameters of interest. The CME/DOE shall clarify.

2: VVS-PoA ver. 02 paragraph 320 b (ii) -(iv): The DOE verified the total number of the distributed stoves based on the CME’s distribution records and a sample of sales receipts. The DOE shall provide information on how it cross-checked total stoves distributed and reported in the monitoring report ).

3: VVS-PoA ver. 02 paragraph 356: The DOE verified the evidence of the calibration of the equipment used for the WBT based on calibration procedure and record submitted by the CME (PoA-VCR, page 20). However, no information is provided to confirm if the procedure is in accordance with the specifications of the local/national standards, or as per the manufacturer’s specification or the international standards.

4: VVS-PoA ver. 02 paragraph 320 b (vi): The CPA3 ER sheet (Database, column U) indicates that the year fraction in vintage 1 (and used for emission reduction calculation) is based on the “difference between warranty date and monitoring period end date”. The DOE shall provide further information on the use of the warranty date considering that there are “Date you started using the stove” in the database, Column S.

5: VVS-PoA ver. 02 paragraph 320 (b): The current monitoring period is between 24/07/18-31/08/18 and the monitoring report (p 2) states that the first ICS was distributed in July 2018. It is noted that the DOE conducted the on-site inspection from 26/09/2017 to 28/09/2017 (PoA-VCR, page 7). The DOE to provide information clarifying how it was possible to conduct the on-site inspection before the project implementation date.