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Submission incomplete:
1: The comments from the local stakeholder consultations (i.e. CPAs 5962-P1-0012/0015/0016, Section C.2) evidenced that the target PoA boundary is covered with LifeStraw filters. The CME had responded that “where water is already safe, dispensers are not implemented”. It is observed that the proposed programme chlorine dispenses are community-based whereas the LifeStraw filters are implemented at household-level. However, no information how the households owning a LifeStraw filter, and located within the programme waterpoint chlorine dispenser, were taken into account when establishing the parameter “Number of persons supplied with purified water from each of the functional project appliances (POPp)” in order to mitigate possible double counting.

2: The excel sheet (KE_Refill%_PoA5962 MP5) indicates that waterpoint IDs 10240905, 10490151 and 10520556 monitored 0% for the parameter “Fraction of delivered chlorine available for use in dispenser (Refill%) whereas the excel sheet ´KE_dispenser database & chlorine´ column E indicates the same waterpoints as operational and considered for emission reductions. The CME/DOE shall clarify.

3: The submitted excel sheet (KE_dispenser database & chlorine) indicates that the total chlorine used during the current monitoring period (summary workbook, Row 9) is the summation of the chlorine delivered (KE database & chlorine, Column F) to the waterpoints. The DOE shall provide information on how it verified that all delivered chlorine was used during the current monitoring period.