Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
The DOE is required to provide further information on how it verified that the equipment used for monitoring is implemented and calibrated in accordance with the registered monitoring plan considering that:
i. For CPA 6810-P1-0003 (Nam Tha 4 plant), the registered CPA-DD indicates main meter accuracy of 0.2s (section B.5.3) and calibration frequency of one year (Section B.5.2) whereas as the monitoring report (page 46 and footnote 49) indicate installed meter accuracy of 0.5s and calibration frequency of two years; and
ii. For CPA 6810-P1-0002 (Pa Chien plant), the registered CPA-DD (Section D.7.1) indicates calibration frequency for the main meter of 1 year whereas the monitoring report (page 48, Footnote 50) shows every 2 years.