Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: The emission reduction spreadsheet (CER calculation workbook, Cell E18) indicates the stoves distributed under the CPA as 15,518 units. The emission reduction calculation has applied a value of 16,513 units (CER calculation workbook, Cell E32) which was calculated based on the length of the monitoring period. The CME/DOE shall provide information to clarify the applied value considering that the applied methodology requires Ny,i,j is based on the actual distributed units.

2: The emission reduction spreadsheet (stove database, cells O1/O2) indicate that 15,518 stoves were sold to 15,208 households indicating that some households have more than one project stove. An adjustment factor (i.e. calculated as stoves sold/HH users =1.02) to represent the “Number of project devices per household (Nd,HH). The DOE to provide information on how it verified this approach complies with paragraph 20 and 21 (AMS-II.G. ver. 08) which require application of equation (6) for one device and equation (9) for more than one device per household.