Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: The CPA-DD (page 17) indicates that the parameter “Fraction of woody biomass saved by the project activity (fNRB) will be monitored on annual basis whereas the applied methodology (AMS-II.G. ver. 08, parameter Table 5) requires that this parameter value is fixed ex-ante.

2: The CPA-DD (page 8) shows that “the annual quantity of woody biomass that would have been used in the household in the absence of the project activity (Bold = 4.2 tons of wood/HH)” is calculated from annual average fuel consumption of two stoves (i.e. firewood and charcoal consumption per household). However, the CPA-DD (pages 10) indicates that the project stoves will displace traditional charcoal stoves only. The CME/DOE shall provide information to clarify how the Bold (based on two baseline fuels) is also applicable for project stoves (which displace only charcoal stove).

3: The monitoring report (page 16) indicates a monitored value of one (1) stove per household for the parameter “number of project devices distributed per household (Nd,HH)”. The CPA-DD (page 9) states that “several ICSs may be used by the same household but only one will be included into the CPA”. However, the excel sheet “stove database” workbook indicates that some households have more than one stove (e.g. stoves database, cells B5650-B5653 (Abiba) has 4 stoves, B8838-B8839 (Phillip) has 2 stoves etc.) and all have been considered for emission reduction calculation. The DOE shall report how it verified compliance with the registered CPA-DD.