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The DOE shall determine whether the calibration of the measuring equipment that has an impact on the claimed GHG emission reductions or net anthropogenic GHG removals is conducted by the coordinating/managing entity at a frequency specified in the applied methodologies, the applied standardized baselines and/or the registered monitoring plan. Please refer to VVS PoA v1.0 paragraph 350-356.
In page 21 of verification report, the DOE has confirmed that calibration has been conducted at the frequency (at least annually) as specified in the registered monitoring plans (e.g. page 23 of CPA-DD 0003). However, it has been noted that the calibration details as provided in the MR (pages 16 to 18) and the VR (page 21) has not covered the entire monitoring period and thus could not be confirmed that annual frequency of calibration is maintained. For example, for CPA0003, calibration date is indicated as 19/03/2015 and thus subsequent annual calibration was due 18/03/2016, however no information is provided. Similar observation is also applicable for CPA0005 and CPA0007. For CPA0008, calibration date is indicated as 11/11/2016, whereas the monitoring period for this CPA starts on 14/10/2016 and no information is provided for the calibration during the period 14/10/2016 to 10/11/2016. The DOE is requested to further substantiate how it has verified the calibration of the electricity meters for each CPAs as per VVS PoA v1.0, paragraphs 350-356.