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As per the registered CPA-DDs, for the Fraction of woody biomass saved by the project activity in year y that can be established as non-renewable biomass, fNRB value, the monitoring plan states “The fNRB,y will be determined for each CPA based on the most recent national approved studies or African studies; where available, a regional approach will be used to determine fNRB,y. At least once a year the parameter will be monitored. …”.

The DOE is requested to provide further information how it has verified that the monitored values used for the fNRB for the stoves are in line with the registered monitoring plan. As per the monitoring plan, the fNRB value has been planned to be updated annually for the cookstoves while the emission reduction calculations submitted have used fNRB values of year X if the stove has been commissioned in year X and established it fixed for the remaining period.