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Monitoring of fNRB value -
As per revised PoA-DD dated 18/04/2017, monitoring plan under Generic CPA-DD section of PoA-DD (section B.7.1) and monitoring plan of specific CPA-DDs (section B.5.1) included in this issuance request, the parameter ‘Fraction of non-renewable biomass (fNRB)’ is mentioned as monitoring parameter. As per the monitoring procedure in the specific CPA-DDs for this parameter the CME mentioned that it will use the DNA approved value of fNRB as a monitored value during the monitoring period. However, it should be noted that fNRB value for Kenya has expired on 18 Sept. 2017 (refer and no further submission was made by the DNA to update this value.

Pertaining to the requirements as per para 346 of the VVS for PoA the DOE shall determine whether the monitoring of parameters related to GHG emission reductions in the included CPA-DDs has been implemented in accordance with the registered monitoring plan; as per para 347(a) the DOE shall determine whether the registered monitoring plan has been properly implemented and followed by the CME; and as per para 349 the DOE shall state whether the monitoring has been carried out in accordance with the registered monitoring plan, the DOE is requested to confirm how it has verified that the monitoring plan applied by the CME is in compliance with the registered monitoring plan.