Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: The DOE is requested to address the inconsistences found below as per VVS-PoA paragraph 358.
As per the formula set in the monitoring report 17 and the actual value calculated in the monitoring report page 18, the values of EGPJ,facility,y is 28,604.47 MWh; however, both monitoring report page 10 and verification report page 21 indicate the value of EGPJ,facility,y as 7,946.47 MWh. Additionally, monitoring report page 18 indicates that “EGBL,capacity addition,y” is calculated as “7,946.47 MWh * 0.57723”, whereas it shall be “BEcapacity addition,CO2,y” instead of “EGBL,capacity addition,y”.

2: The DOE is requested to provide additional information as per the paragraph 352 of VVS-PoA.
The monitoring report page 11 states that due to late calibration of both Nexus meter (i.e. #148-0132929430 for generator 3) and Sub-station meter (i.e. ELSTER ALPHA A3), the readings were reduced by the maximal permissible error of 0.2% of the uncalibrated periods of the monitoring period (01/01/2018 – 31/12/2018). The verification report page 20 confirms that the error was within the maximum permissible error limit of 0.2%. The DOE is requested to provide additional information on what is the actual value of meters errors and to confirm the compliance of the paragraph 352 of VVS-PoA (ver 02).

3: The DOE is requested to address the issue based on the VVS-PoA paragraph 374.
The spreadsheet MR5 cell G11 indicates that the EFgrid,OM-DD,y (Dispatch Data Analysis OM emission factor) is calculated as 0.6287 tCO2/MWh for CPA 6198-0003 based on the “EF sheet”. However, the DOE has not provided spreadsheet which contains the calculation of EFgrid,OM-DD,y based on the parameters required by the monitoring plan as per the Tool to calculate the emission factor for an electricity system. Additionally, the DOE is requested to provide information on how this emission factor has been correctly calculated and verified in accordance with the steps specified in the applied Tool.