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Submission incomplete:

As per paragraph 359 of VVS for PoAs, version 2.0 the DOE shall determine whether: (c) The calculations of baseline GHG emissions or baseline net GHG removals, project GHG emissions or actual net GHG removals, and leakage GHG emissions have been carried out in accordance with the formulae and methods described in the registered monitoring plan, the applied methodologies, the applied standardized baselines and the other applied methodological regulatory documents; (d) Any assumptions used in emission or removal calculations have been justified.

For the parameter “Bold,HH”, the revised and approved CPA-DDs does not provide information on the specific sources of the data. The DOE is requested to substantiate how the requirement as specified under paragraph 124(a) of VVS-PoA, version 2.0 is met while determining value for parameter “Bold,HH.

For the parameter “fNRB”, the DOE is requested to provide further information on the below observation:
a) For Mean Annual Increment (MAI) of woody biomass growth of both forest areas and other wooded land areas, it is not clear how the value 2.2 (t/ha/yr) was derived from Table 4.9, Chapter 4 of 2006 IPCC Guidelines;
b) The link provided in the excel sheet for “The forest inventory data in period 2013-2016” is not working.
c) It is not clear how the information included in the “Annual woody consumption Survey Report” has been assessed.