Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: Biennial sampling across CPAs has been applied to determine three parameters (i.e. stove efficiency, number of project devices operating and adjustment to account for any continued use of pre-project devices), at 95/10 confidence/precision. Paragraph 24 of the standard “Sampling and surveys for CDM project activities and programmes of activities Version 07.0” requires verifying the achieved precision of sampling. The achieved precisions are reported in page 32 and 33 of the verification report. However, it is not clear how those achieved previsions are derived and how the values of the three survey parameters are derived from the measured/surveyed results. The DOE/PP shall provide the sheets which illustrate the calculation of the those values and the input values.

2: For the parameter fNRB (Fraction of woody biomass saved by the project activity during year y), the option of local studies of AMS II.G version 9 was selected by the CPAs, which requires determination as per the methodological tool “Calculation of fraction of non-renewable biomass”. It was determined as 0.966 by referring to a sub-national survey report conducted by "The Regional Center of Documentation and Information (CEDII)". However, it is not specified on how it has been calculated as per the tool. The DOE shall provide information on how it has verified its compliance with the tool, in accordance with paragraph 359(d) of VVS for PoA version 2. In doing so, the calculation sheet of fNRB, the source of the input values and justification on the compliance with specific paragraph of the tool shall be provided.