Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: The DOE is requested to explain how it concluded that the project activity was implemented and operated as per PDD in accordance with the paragraph 357 of VVS for PA (version 01.0), as the approved revised PDD describes: (i) Implementation of 4 trunk lines, whereas there are 5 trunk lines as per the monitoring report. The MR also refers to PDD’s provision that “Trunk, support as well as feeder line locations, distances and routings might still change as the current information is based on planning data and projections. These are constantly updated based on the actual experience gained with the first BRT lane recently inaugurated as well as based on normal city development”, however this provision does not exist in the approved revised PDD; (ii) Technology used for trunk buses and supporting routes being diesel bus, while the monitoring report mentions that buses on trunk routes are basically new diesel and Natural Gas (NG, CNG and LNG) and buses on supporting routes are new diesel and NG buses.

2: The DOE is requested to explain how it confirmed that the monitoring plan is in accordance with the approved methodology as per paragraphs 360 and 362 of VVS for PA (version 01.0), as the methodology requires the annual monitoring of BSCR (Buses not required due to the project) while this parameter is fixed ex-ante in the PDD, i.e. not monitored.

3: For the Leakage upstream emissions of gaseous fuels, the DOE is requested to explain how it reviewed the fuel consumption in the project and baseline and confirmed that baseline NG consumption is more than that of the project, hence leakage is zero, considering the monitoring report, page 33, justifies the leakage being zero based on the feeder buses which were the baseline buses, whereas the technology implemented for the trunk buses and supporting routes also includes new NG buses as described in page 4 of monitoring report (paragraph 377 (c) of VVS for PA (version 01.0)).

4: The DOE is requested to explain how the ex-ante parameter RSy (Total road space available in year y) is applicable for the project activity as the project activity has implemented more trunk lines (paragraph 377 (d) of VVS for PA (version 01.0)).