Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: Scope: The validation opinion does not provide an opinion on how the changes would impact: a) additionality; b) scale; c) applicability and application of the baseline methodology: d) compliance of the monitoring plan with the applied monitoring methodology; e) level of accuracy of the monitoring (VVS v.2 para 279 (c))
Issue: The Verification Report page 18 states that there are no changes in the registered monitoring plan due to the third party sale. However, the as shown in the revised PDD section B.7.1 and page 63, and the Verification Report page 18, the QA/QC procedure has been revised to provide further procedure in the case of third party sale.
Please clarify why the changes to the section B.7.1 of the PDD are not considered as permanent changes to the registered monitoring plan, and how the changes can be considered as changes under Appendix 1 of the Project Standard.

2: Scope: The monitoring report does not contain the implementation status of the project (including a brief description of the installed technology and/or equipments, relevant dates of project activity e.g. date of construction, commissioning, continued operation periods, etc.) during the monitoring period under consideration. (PS v1 para 188 (a)(b)(c))
Issue: The revised PDD mentions the rotor diameter being 52.9 m, whereas the monitoring report mentions as 53 m. Please clarify.