Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
Scope: The verification report does not provide information on data and variables that are different from the registered PDD or any approved revised PDD, and has caused an increase in estimates of the emission reductions in the current monitoring period or is highly likely to increase the estimates of emission reductions in the future monitoring periods (VVS v2, para 228 (c))
Issue: The DOE shall further clarify why the following information have not been considered as post registration changes and been reported in the Validation opinion and revised PDD:
1) the use of fuel oil, considering that registered PDD page 44 &45 and the revised monitoring plan page 6 stated that diesel and natural gas are fossil fuels co-fired in the project plant, instead of mentioning fuel oil.
2) optimization project carried out in 2011, given that the amount of black liquor supplied to the boiler was estimated as 4,686 tDS/d with a concentration of 72% on page 10 and 11 of the registered PDD, while verification report page 30 shows that the estimated amount of black liquor turns into 4,746 tDS/d with a concentration of 80% due to modifications of the boiler.