Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: Scope: The monitoring report does not contain the implementation status of the project (including a brief description of the installed technology and/or equipments, relevant dates of project activity e.g. date of construction, commissioning, continued operation periods, etc.) during the monitoring period under consideration. (EB48 - Annex 68 paragraph 10 (a) (i) & EB 54 Annex 34).
Issue: The monitoring report does not contain information on when each one of the 3 flares was installed and started operation.

2: Scope: The monitoring report does not contain reference to the deviation requested by PP/DOE and approved by the Executive Board for the monitoring period in consideration, prior to submitting request for issuance. (EB48 - Annex 68 paragraph 10 (a) vi & EB 54 Annex 34)
Issue: The request for deviation I-DEV-0455 was applied for this monitoring period, but not indicated in the monitoring report.

3: Scope: The spreadsheet does not contain explanation with regard to application of formulae in the spreadsheet. (EB48 - Annex 68 paragraph 10 (b) (iii)).
Issue: The spreadsheet does not indicate how the compliance with the manufacturer's specifications of the flare was met in order to adopt the default value of flare efficiency during certain hours (as required by the tool, the parameter "Other flare operational parameters" must be monitored when adopting the default value of flare efficiency). While more than one thermocouple is used to monitor the temperature of each one of the flares, no explanation is provided in how it has being used to determine the flare efficiency.