Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
Scope: The verification and certification report does not provide an assessment on whether the calibration of measuring equipments was conducted at a frequency specified by the applied methodology, the standardized baseline and/or the monitoring plan as per VVS version 09.0 paragraph 400.
Issue: Delayed calibrations of tail-gas flowmeter and gas analyzer are identified in this monitoring period. The DOE has stated that the maximum permissible error of the instrument has to be added to the measured values as per paragraph 395 of VVS version 9. However,
(1) the error of gas analyzer system (i.e. AT218002) identified in the delayed calibration test is not reported, and the accuracy class of the measurement system (i.e. 3.84% in appendix 6 of the verification report) has not been applied to adjust parameter vi,t,db in the ER sheet (i.e. column L and M of tab “Calculation”);
(2) the accuracy of flowmeter stated in appendix 6 of the verification report (i.e. 2.1%) is not reflected in adjusting parameter Vt,db,n in the ER sheet (i.e. column J and K of tab “Calculation”).
In doing so, the monitoring report and verification report shall:
(1) specify the errors identified in the delayed calibrations; and
(2) apply the correct factors to adjust the flowrate and the fraction of greenhouse gas in the tail gas (i.e. parameter Vt,db,n and vi,t,db) in accordance with paragraph 395 (a) or (b) of VVS version 9.