Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: The monitoring report (section B.1) has provided the installed capacities for the three hydro power units. However, the monitoring report does not provide information on the relevant dates when the plants/units were commissioned and started commercial operation for each site-refer to PS-PA ver. 02 paragraph 256 (b). (Please note that the DOE has verified, based on the commissioning report, the start dates of commercial operation of the power plants).

2: The monitoring report (page 14) has provided the calibration date and frequency for the energy meter (monitoring the total generation) located inside the power house, which is as per the National regulatory requirements. However, no information is provided on the monitoring report regarding calibration information (i.e. frequency, date of calibration and validity) for the energy meters located at the sub-stations-refer to PS-PA ver. 02 paragraph 260 (b). (Note that the DOE has verified the calibration certificates and confirmed the meter calibration frequency, dates and valid for the current monitoring period)