Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: VVS-PA, paragraph 361(b):
As stated in the verification report, the DOE has also checked Invoices for accuracy of data and found that there is difference between electricity mentioned in JMR and Electricity mentioned in invoice4. This is due to the fact that Invoice is generated based on scheduled Energy at 0:00 Hrs of First day of month to 0:00 Hr of last day of month and with deductions of 12% Electricity based on JMR. However, the ER spreadsheet does not demonstrate this procedure of deduction as: (i) Values under column C, D and E in worksheet "Baseline Emissions" are all given values; (ii) It is not clear which values from column C, D and E are sourced from the invoice.

2: VVS-PA, paragraph 366:
The DOE is requested to explain how the requirements in paragraph 366 of VVS-PA is complied with as there is no information about the error identified in the delayed calibration test.

3: VVS-PA, paragraph 373(e):
The DOE is requested to explain how it validated the parameter EFOM,y in accordance with the "Tool to calculate the emission factor for an electricity system", version 02. As per the tool, the ex-ante option which was opted by the PP requires the use of a 3-year generation-weighted average, based on the most recent data available at the time of submission of the CDM-PDD to the DOE for validation. However, the PP used a 3-year simple average data, as shown in annex 3 of the PDD and the ex-ante emission reductions spreadsheet during registration.