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Submission incomplete:
The DOE shall determine whether the calibration of the measuring equipment that has an impact on the claimed GHG emission reductions or net anthropogenic GHG removals is conducted by the project participants at the frequency specified in the registered monitoring plan (paragraph 365 of VVS for PA version 3).
1) There are inconsistencies in the calibration dates between the monitoring report and the verification report. For example, the monitoring report states that 06675056(Main Meter) & 06675061(Check Meter) were calibrated on 10/02/2012 and 28/05/2014 while the verification report states that they were calibrated on 09/02/2012 and 27/05/2014. These inconsistencies were identified for the replaced meters in the both reports;
2) Both the monitoring report and the verification report do not provide calibration records for Main Meter(07033694) & Check Meter (07033704) in 2012 while both reports indicate that these meters were operated during 22/12/2012 to 21/06/2013 and the monitoring period is 01 Mar 12 - 31 Dec 20.