Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
The project participants shall, for the registered CDM project activity for the monitoring period, identify the formulae used for, and provide the calculations of baseline GHG emissions (paragraph 264(a) of PA for PS version 2)
The spreadsheet, "Ref.10379_MP2_Spreadsheet", shows how the baseline emission reduction has been calculated. However, it does not provide how WCH4,y of 41.926% (in column C8 of "summary" sheet) has been calculated while 1) the DOE (p 15) verified that WCH4 is the average weighted by hourly flow rates of LFG and that "raw data" sheet of the spreadsheet contains hourly as well as daily average weighted values. The PP/DOE is required to provide clearly how WCH4,y of 41.926% is calculated based on the monitored data in the spreadsheet.