Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: Scope: The monitoring report does not contain the implementation status of the project (including a brief description of the installed technology and/or equipments, relevant dates of project activity e.g. date of construction, commissioning, continued operation periods, etc.) during the monitoring period under consideration. (EB48 - Annex 68 paragraph 10 (a) (i) & EB 54 Annex 34).
Issue: The monitoring report (p.2) states that "The Project involves 52 wind energy converters (WECs) of Enercon make E-40 (600 kW) and 53 WECs of Enercon make E-48 (800 kW) totaling to 105 WECs." while the section A.3 (p. 3-9) of the monitoring report have listed 106 WECs. Further clarification is required.

2: Scope: The verification report does not state that the monitoring has been carried out in accordance with registered or the accepted revised monitoring plan. (VVM v.1.2 para 206 & 221(d))
Issue: The revised monitoring plan includes the monitoring parameter of EGy while the monitoring report does not provide this parameter. Further clarification is required how the DOE considers that the monitoring report is in line with the revised monitoring plan.

3: Scope: The verification report does not provide an assessment of the compliance with EB 52 Annex 60 'Guidelines for assessing compliance with the calibration frequency requirements' for the calibration delay. (VVM v.1.2 para 184 (a) (ii) & EB 52 Annex 60)
Issue: The DOE is requested to provide a validation opinion on why the correction for meter number 34 and 35 (Table 6 of MR) has only been applied for Aug 2010-April 2011, as the validity of the calibration was only until 20/07/2010 and 23/07/2010 respectively. Therefore, it is not clear why a correction was not applied for the period of 21/07/2010 to 31/07/2010 (for number 34) and 24/07/2010 to 31/07/2010 (for number 35). The same case is presented for the meter number 24, in which a correction was applied for August 2010, with a validity of the calibration until 27/08/2010 and the delayed calibration on 22/09/2010 and a correction was not applied for the period of 28/08/2010 to 21/09/2010.