Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
Scope: The verification and certification report does not provide a summary of the verification process, the scope of verification and the conclusion as per VVS version 09.0 paragraph 409 (a).
Issue: It has been observed that the DOE has verified the request for issuance based on VVS version 09. As per Implementation plan for new CDM regulations (EB93-A11), from March 29, 2018 onwards, for monitoring report that was published using the old version of the form, the corresponding request for issuance shall follow the new regulatory framework, attaching a revised MR using the new version of the form. Exception is provided if a request for registration or issuance following the old regulatory framework was submitted by 28 March 2018 and is resubmitted on or after 29 March 2018 after the completeness check or the information and reporting check by the secretariat, the request may still follow the old regulatory framework, provided that the resubmission is made within 90 days. This request for issuance was submitted on 29/06/2018 which is later than 29/03/2018 and it is not within the 90 days from the previous submission dated 04/10/2017.