Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
Scope: The verification report does not describe the implementation status of the project. (For project activities that consist of more than one site, the report shall clearly describe the status of implementation and starting date of operation for each site. For CDM project activities with phased implementation, the report shall state the progress of the proposed CDM project activity achieved in each phase under verification). (VVS v2, para 228 (a))
Issue: In regard to the change of system to monitor the EG, from GESTAL as stated in the PDD, to SCD Manager system, the DOE is requested to explain why PRC is not requested with the request for issuance in accordance with the PS appendix 1 or why FAR was not raised to correct this in the future. The MR argues that as per the Project Standard CDM-EB65-A05-STAN Appendix 1 paragraph 5(a), no request for prior approval by the board for permanent changes from the registered monitoring plan is needed due to the fact that the change of practice for monitoring equipment is not within the control of the project participant. However, Appendix 1 of Project Standard still requires the Post Registration Changes to be requested.