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Scope: The DOE shall determine whether the calculations of baseline emissions, and project activity emissions and leakage, as appropriate, have been carried out in accordance with the formula and methods described in the monitoring plan and the applied methodology document (VVS v6, para 280 (c))
Issues: The revised PDD (p.29) mentions that the electric efficiency for the reference plant (10.75%) has been calculated from the net power generation (588.9 GWh/yr), the biomass combusted (1,732,290 tDS/yr) and the NCV of the biomass (11.38 GJ/tDS). The values for the net power and biomass combusted are based on the actual performance of the plant (performed by KSH consulting) and the NCV is obtained from literature (conceptual Report, Volume 1: Main report and Drawings). It is also noted that the monitoring report (p.18) indicates that a NCV of 10.70 GJ/tDS was measured in a specialized and reputed laboratory, according to proper industry standards. However, no information has been provided to explain why the electric efficiency is calculated from a NCV based on the literature and not the NCV test results applied to the project.