Info Report Check
Submission incomplete:
1: Scope: The validation opinion does not contain a confirmation that the changes do not require prior approval of the Board and the provisions of Appendix 1 of Project Standard apply to those corrections
Issue:The DOE is requested to clarify how it validated that the Corrections related to the incorporation of the "sales receipts" as a cross check to the electricity generation as a consequence of FAR (Forward Action Request) is part of Appendix I of the Project Standard.

2: Scope: The monitoring report does not contain calculations of baseline emissions, project emissions, leakage (if any), and emission reductions, including reference to formulae and methods used (PS v1, 194 (a)(b)(c)(d))
Issue:The value of QOE,BL as per the submitted revised PDD is 105.58 GWh/yr.However in the current monitoring period, the value of QOEBL is taken as 124.20 Gwh/yr both in the Monitoring Perport as well the Verification Report. The PP/DOE is requested to correct the inconsistencies in the value of QOE,BL and also correct the calculation of fcap in particular to verify the value of QEBL and QOE,Y.