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RSS (also known as news feed, web feed, syndicated content) stands for really simple syndication. When you subscribe to a feed, you receive notices of updated content on the website/webpage to which you have subscribed. An RSS document contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text.

RSS feeds can be received in a variety of software applications. The latest Web browsers have “news readers” built in, so you might already have what you need to get started.

You subscribe to a feed by entering the feed’s URL link into your reader or by clicking an RSS icon in a Web browser, which initiates the subscription process. Then, just follow the instructions in the application you are using.


Web browserWeb-based Windows freewareMac OS X freeware
Internet Explorer for Windows, starting with version 7
Mozilla Firefox
iGoogle / Google Reader
My Yahoo! - Bloglines
FeedZilla - NewsGator
Microsoft Live - Netvibes
Omea Reader
RSS Bandit

Many e-mail programmes are also equipped to receive and organize RSS feeds for you, for example:
- Microsoft Outlook (all releases since 2007)
- Mozilla Thunderbird
- Opera
- Lotus Notes (version 8 and higher)

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