Methodologies - new submissions

Methodologies - new submissions

Please be informed about the following:

(1) Afforestation and Reforestation methodologies
Proposals on new afforestation and reforestation baseline and monitoring methodologies have been submitted to the CDM Executive Board for its review and are available for public input from 05 December 2005 - 23 December 2005:
- ARNM0018: Assisted Natural Regeneration of Degraded Lands in Albania

In addition, technical clarifications to the following proposed new baseline methodologies have been provided:
- ARNM0012: Afforestation or reforestation project activity implemented on unmanaged grassland
- ARNM0013: The Mountain Pine Ridge Reforestation Project (MPR Project)

The submitted documentation is available under the following link:

(2) Non-forestry methodologies
One request for revision of an approved methodology related to AM0012; and the three (3) requests for clarification of an approved methodology have been received:
- Applicability of AM0014 for projects that supply small amounts of excess electricity to the grid;
- Applicability of AM0014 to combined cycle natural gas power plants;
- Build Margin - Approach to determine recent 20% if 20% falls on part capacity (ACM0002 ver. 3)

Further information on these submissions is available on the UNFCCC CDM web site at (for revisions) and at (for clarifications).