CDM website RSS feed service launched

CDM website RSS feed service launched

The secretariat of the UNFCCC is pleased to announce the launch of a new RSS feed service for CDM News and CDM Projects:

Through RSS, users can subscribe to receive updates on the specific information they need. The following feeds can be subscribed to at <>:

- CDM News

- CDM Project information, including:
. Project activities submitted for registration
. Projects undergoing completeness check
. Recently submitted CDM project validations
. Reviews requested
. Projects under review
. Recently registered CDM project activities
. Certified emission reductions (CERs) issued

IMPORTANT NOTE: The RSS feed service will soon replace CDM News email distributions. Switching to RSS will (1) allow CDM stakeholders to receive information tailored to their specific needs or interests, (2) quicken the delivery of information, (3) reduce the volume of email traffic, and thus the number of possible unwanted emails.
The usual CDM News email service will continue until the beginning of EB53. On 26 March, the last day of that meeting, all notices will be handled only through RSS feed, by subscription. Please also note that subscribers to CDM News will NOT be automatically subscribed to the CDM website RSS feeds. To subscribe, follow the link above.

What is an RSS feed?

RSS (also known as web feed, XML feed, syndicated content) stands for really simple syndication. When you subscribe to a feed, you receive notices of updated content on the website/webpage to which you have subscribed.

RSS feeds can be used to deliver all types of digital content, such as text, pictures, video or audio. Feeds that deliver audio content (usually in MP3 format) are called podcasts.

More CDM website RSS feeds are planned in the coming months, such as:
- CDM Audio File service
- CDM Governance (meetings of the CDM Executive Board, its panels and working groups)
- CDM Methodologies

If you experience technical problems using this RSS service, please contact us at <>

We hope you find the RSS feeds useful and convenient.

Your CDM team