New information on methodologies

New information on methodologies

(1) A proposal for a new small-scale methodology "SSC-NM097 Using renewable energy sources to charge electric vehicles" has been submitted to the CDM Executive Board for its review and is available for global stakeholder consultation (GSC) from 17 September to 1 October 2014. The documentation submitted is available at:

(2) The following requests for revision of approved methodologies have been received and are also available for GSC from 17 September to 1 October 2014:
(a) "SSC_712: Revision of AMS-III.C to include electricity service providers to claim emission reductions and give two more options to determined specific fuel consumption for baseline vehicles";
(b) "AM_REV_0254: Request for revision to broaden the scope of AM0086 Version 03.0".

The documentation submitted on the above is available under the following links respectively:
<> and

Should you wish to submit a public input for the above, please send it via e-mail to the following address:

(3) The following requests for clarification of approved methodologies have also been received:
(a) "AM_CLA_0263: AM0028 correct application of IPCC default value";
(b) "AM_CLA_0264: Clarification on the approved methodology ACM0016 version 03 regarding application of Step 3 (to demonstrate additionality) of the methodology to a proposed PoA".

The documentation for these clarifications is available at:

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