New submissions of methodologies / Other methodological issues

New submissions of methodologies / Other methodological issues

(1) Proposed new methodologies:

The following proposed new baseline and monitoring methodologies have been re-submitted for consideration of the Meth Panel and are available on the UNFCCC CDM web site:

NM0108-rev: Biodiesel production and switching fossil fuels from petro-diesel to biodiesel in transport sector - 30 TPD Biodiesel CDM Project in Andhra Pradesh, India
NM0110-rev: Mitigation of Methane Emissions in the Charcoal Production of Plantar, Brazil
NM0118-rev: The model project for renovation to increase the efficient use of energy in brewery
NM0133-rev: Grid-connected power generation project using biomass fuel from newly developed dedicated plantations, in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand
NM0134-rev: Paramonga CDM Bagasse Boiler Project
NM0138-rev: American Israel Paper Mill (AIPM) Natural Gas Cogeneration
NM0140-rev: Mondi Richards Bay Biomass Project

In addition, technical clarifications to the following proposed new methodologies have been provided:

NM0121: Bumbuna Hydroelectric Project
NM0135: Reducing SF6 Emissions in High-Voltage Transmission/Distribution Systems in Nigeria
NM0144: Energy efficiency improvements carried out by an Energy Service Company (ESCO) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to replace old boilers with new ones
NM0145: Reduction of Flaring and Use of Recovered Gas for Methanol Production
NM0146: Transalloys Manganese Alloy Smelter Energy Efficiency Project in South Africa
NM0147: Methane abatement through composting
NM0150: Ghana efficient lighting retrofit project
NM0151: CEG Gas Distribution Pipeline Replacement Project in Rio de Janeiro
NM0152: Celpa, Celtins and Cemat grid connection of isolated systems CDM Project
NM0154: Vikram Cement (VC): Energy efficiency improvement by up-gradation of preheater in cement manufacturing
NM0155: Waste gas utilisation for steam and power generation at RIL Jamnagar refinery

(2) Other methodological issues:

Please be informed that the final recommendation of NM0149: "Coal to natural gas feedstock conversion for the large-scale manufacture of Pure gas at Sasol facilities, South Africa" by the Meth Panel is also available
on the CDM website as no clarifications have been received as a response to the preliminary recommendation of the Panel. This recommendation will be under consideration at the next meeting of the CDM Executive Board.

Please be informed that the case NM0130: The Nho Que Hydropower Project was withdrawn.

The above mentioned documentation is available under the following link:

In addition, please be informed that requests for revision of approved methodologies and requests for clarification of approved methodologies have been received. Further information on these submissions is available on the
UNFCCC CDM web site at (for revisions) and at (for clarifications).

(3) Proposed new A/R methodologies:

Technical clarifications to the following proposed new A/R methodologies have been provided:

ARNM0019: Reforestation around Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras
ARNM0020: Afforestation for Combating Desertification in Aohan County, Northern China

The submitted documents are available under the following link: