Proposed new methodologies available in UNFCCC CDM web site

Proposed new methodologies available in UNFCCC CDM web site

The following proposals on new baseline and monitoring methodologies have been submitted to the CDM Executive Board for its review and are available for public input from 24 June 2005 - 14 July 2005:

NM0116: Reduction in Ordinary Portland Cement Consumption in Concrete mix preparation utilizing lower cement concrete technology
NM0117: Nanjing Chemical Industries Co Ltd (NCIC) Nitrous Oxide Abatement Project
NM0118: The model project for renovation to increase the efficient use of energy in brewery
NM0119: Petrotemex Energy Integration Project
NM0120: Demand side electricity management program at Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição
NM0121: Bumbuna Hydroelectric Project
NM0122: Shell Cogeneration Project
NM0123: Substitution of raw material in cement processing
NM0124: PFC emission reductions at ALUAR Aluminio Argentino
NM0125: La Vuelta and La Herradura Hidroelectric Project

In accordance with the "procedures for submission and consideration of a proposed new methodology", the secretariat, having checked that the "CDM proposed new methodology forms" have been duly filled by the DOEs and
documentation provided by the DOEs is complete, forwarded the documentation to members of the Meth Panel for quality assessments of the submissions. As the before mentioned cases were graded 1, the documentation shall be considered as received by the Board and be forwarded by the secretariat for consideration of the Board and the Meth Panel. The date of transmission to the Executive Board is to be considered as the date of receipt of a proposed new methodology by the Board.

Please be also informed that the following proposed new baseline and monitoring methodologies have been re-submitted for consideration of the Meth Panel and are available in the UNFCCC CDM web site:

- NM0071-rev: BOF Gas recovery at Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Limited (JVSL)and combustion for power generation and supply to Karnataka Grid, India.
- NM0076-rev: Chile: Chacabuquito 26 MW Run-of-River Hydropower Project
- NM0079-rev: Taishan Huafeng Cement Works Waste Heat Recovery and Utilisation for Power Generation Project

All documentation is available under the following link: