Highlights CDM Executive Board, 53rd meeting

Highlights CDM Executive Board, 53rd meeting

Bonn, 26 March 2010 – The CDM Executive Board worked through another heavy agenda marked by challenging discussions about if and how policies and subsidies should feature in the assessment of whether CDM was the incentive for a project moving forward – so-called additionality, a requirement for project registration under the mechanism.
The Board members achieved some clarify on the issue (annex 32 to the report), but in the end had to agree to resume consideration of the matter at their next meeting.
In accreditation matters, the Board suspended designated operational entity TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH (TÜV SÜD) and partially suspended Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO) from project validation and emission reduction verification work. The CDM Executive Board will be working with TÜV SÜD and KEMCO to ensure timely resolution of the issues that resulted in the suspensions. For full information on the accreditation matters handled at EB53, including details of the suspensions described above, please see the meeting report.
In matters relating to emissions baseline and monitoring methodologies, the Board suspended use of methodologies ACM0013 version 02.1 and ACM0015 version 02. The former methodology is for new grid connected fossil fuel fired power plants using a less GHG intensive technology and the latter is for project activities using alternative raw materials that do not contain carbonates for clinker manufacturing in cement kilns. They were replaced with revised versions, with immediate effect.
The Board did approve two new small-scale methodologies, including one relating to activities for recovery and recycling of materials such as HDPE and LDPE plastics in municipal solid waste. It also approved an afforestation/reforestation methodology and revised another.
In accordance with requests from Parties to the Kyoto Protocol at their session in Copenhagen in December 2009, the Board agreed to launch a call for public inputs on procedures for appeals brought by stakeholders. The Board also agreed that the call should include views on how procedures for appeals interrelate with revised procedures for registration, issuance and review currently under consideration by the Board, also in accordance with a request from Parties. The Board made some progress in its work in revising and streamlining the procedures, and agreed on some initial steps. <https://cdm.unfccc.int/public_inputs/index.html>

The Board also heard an update on the status of activities relating to classifying and improving access to the decisions of the Board, including a revision to the CDM website reference section, preparations for the launching of the next release of the catalogue of decisions and, in addition, agreed upon a revision to “CDM Executive Board decision framework: Decision hierarchy and document types issued by the Board”.
The Board agreed on appointments to its panels and working groups. For details please see the report.

For a full report of the meeting see <https://cdm.unfccc.int/EB/index.html>.

Membership issues
* Annex 1 - Documents related to conflict of interest (3263 KB)

* Annex 2 - TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH. Modalities of the suspension (129 KB)
* Annex 3 - Korea Energy Management Corporation. Modalities of the suspension (129 KB)
* Annex 4 - Guidelines for the preparation of the annual activity report by a DOE to the Executive Board (Version 02) (156 KB)

* Annex 5 - AM0086 - Installation of zero energy water purifier for safe drinking water applications (version 01) (413 KB)
* Annex 6 - AM0087 - Construction of a new natural gas power plant supplying electricity to the grid or a single consumer (version 01) (393 KB)
* Annex 7 - ACM0013 - Consolidated baseline and monitoring methodology for new grid connected fossil fuel fired power plants using a less GHG intensive technology (version 03) (348 KB)
* Annex 8 - ACM0015 - Consolidated baseline and monitoring methodology for project activities using alternative raw materials that do not contain carbonates for clinker production in cement kilns (version 03) (533 KB)
* Annex 9 - AM0070 - Manufacturing of energy efficient domestic refrigerators (version 03) (412 KB)
* Annex 10 - AM0071 - Manufacturing and servicing of domestic and/or small commercial refrigeration appliances using a low GWP refrigerant (version 02) (435 KB)

CDM afforestation and reforestation project activities
* Annex 11 - AR-AM0011 - Afforestation and reforestation of land subject to polyculture farming (version 01) (520 KB)
* Annex 12 - AR-ACM0001 - Afforestation and reforestation of degraded land (version 04) (444 KB)
* Annex 13 - Procedure for the submission and consideration of a proposed new baseline and monitoring methodology for large scale afforestation and reforestation CDM project activities (version 01) (196 KB)

Issues relating to small-scale CDM project activities
* Annex 14 - AMS-III.AI Emission reductions through recovery of spent sulphuric acid (version 01) (524 KB)
* Annex 15 - AMS-III.AJ Recovery and recycling of materials from solid wastes (version 01) (268 KB)
* Annex 16 - AMS-III.D. Methane recovery in animal manure management systems (version 16) (372 KB)
* Annex 17 - AMS-III.H. Methane recovery in wastewater treatment (version 14) (513 KB)
* Annex 18 - AMS-I.E. Switch from Non-Renewable Biomass for Thermal Applications by the User (version 02) (257 KB)

Matters relating to the registration of CDM project activities
* Annex 19 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2522 (131 KB)
* Annex 20 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2808 (129 KB)
* Annex 21 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2840 (129 KB)
* Annex 22 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2862 (130 KB)
* Annex 23 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2869 (130 KB)
* Annex 24 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2948 (131 KB)
* Annex 25 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2961 (130 KB)
* Annex 26 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2970 (132 KB)
* Annex 27 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2972 (127 KB)
* Annex 28 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 3008 (131 KB)
* Annex 29 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 3013 (127 KB)
* Annex 30 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 3044 (128 KB)
* Annex 31 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 3048 (133 KB)
* Annex 32 - Clarifications on the implementation of E+/E- clarifications in the context of cases on the agenda of EB53 (125 KB)

Matters relating to the issuance of CERs and the CDM registry
* Annex 33 - Scope of reviews 0298 (issuance) (144 KB)
* Annex 34 - Scope of reviews 0745 (issuance) (129 KB)
* Annex 35 - Scope of reviews 0768 (issuance) (144 KB)
* Annex 36 - Scope of reviews 1926 (issuance) (129 KB)

Management plan and resources for the work on the CDM
* Annex 37 - Status of income and expenditure to support CDM activities during the 2010-2011 biennium (as at 28 February 2010) (164 KB)

Other matters
* Annex 38 - CDM Executive Board decision framework: Decision hierarchy and document types issued by the Board (version 02). (216 KB)
* Annex 39 - Provisional agenda for EB54 (120 KB)

For further information contact David Abbass <dabbass@unfccc.int>, CDM Public Information Officer, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat, Bonn, Germany.

About the Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism
The CDM allows emission-reduction projects in developing countries to earn certified emission reduction (CER) credits, each equivalent to one tonne of CO2. CERs can be traded and sold, and used by industrialized countries to meet a part of their targets under the Protocol. The CDM assists countries in achieving sustainable development and emission reductions, while giving industrialized countries some flexibility in how they meet their emission targets.