Call for Experts - CDM Registration and Issuance Team (RIT)

Call for Experts - CDM Registration and Issuance Team (RIT)

The CDM Registration and Issuance Team (RIT) was established this year by the CDM Executive Board (Board) to streamline the registration and issuance process. The RIT assists the Board by appraising requests for registration of project activities and requests for issuance of CERs. The team is chaired by a member of the Board on a rotating basis.

The terms of reference for the RIT were revised by the Board at its twenty-fifth meeting to increase the membership of the RIT from ten to twenty experts.

This public call invites experts wishing to be considered by the Board as one of the ten new members of the RIT to apply if they consider that they fulfil the requirements specified in the terms of reference:

Applications should be made online using the application interface through the UNFCCC CDM website:

The deadline for applications is 17.00 GMT on Friday, 8 September 2006.